Our Story, God's Story

Living Waters Church was formed out of a desire to have a Bible-based and mission-focused Lutheran church in the Peoria area that is contemporary but also multi-generational, retaining some traditional elements in worship and community life. 

Living Waters is just "different" by design - not stuffy and stuck, but alive and active! 

Our Founding

Living Waters begin in May of 2010 in a doctrinal split from a Lutheran denomination that had drifted from a Biblical foundation. Living Waters is an independent congregation affiliated with a fellowship called Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, LCMC. This is not a denomination, but a fellowship of like-minded congregations around the world who are accountable to God's Word and to one another. The motto of LCMC is A First Century Church for the 21st Century. 

We are inspired to be a young congregation living out an ancient faith with a sure and certain hope

in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.