Welcome to Living Waters

Grace-filled and authentic, vibrant, relational, mission-focused, Bible-based. Many of our visitors comment on feeling right away that they have found a spiritual home. Come see what God has for you and let His living waters carry you into the current of His love in Jesus Christ!  

Our Approach

We are a new mission congregation, birthed in the desire to share the amazing grace and life-changing power of God which is available through faith in Jesus Christ.

Living Waters is Lutheran in theology

We emphasize that believers in Jesus Christ are saved by grace through faith in Christ's sacrifice on the cross. This grace is available to all who will come and receive.

Living Waters is "evangelical" in spirit and worship

Our worship style is contemporary, informal and accessible to seekers and visitors. You don't need to dress up to lift him up!

Living Waters is "missional" in practice

Our ministries are designed to put Christian faith into action. We are not just called to believe, but to act on that belief by sharing the love of God through service to neighbor and by telling the Good News of Jesus Christ. At Living Waters we want to help you grow in your relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, service to the community, and weekly worship. 

Our Vision Statement:

Every member of Living Waters is Excited for the Gospel, Equipped to minister and Effective in fulfilling God's mission. 

Our Three E's Strategy:

We understand our vision statement as a strategy to disciple others. Everything we do as a church must excite people for faith in Jesus Christ, equip them as a Christian believer through learning and applying God's Word, or provide an opportunity to be effective in mission. 

Our Core Values: 

The core values of Living Waters are:

Vibrant Christian Community (Excite)

Bible-Based (Equip)

Mission-Focused (Effective)