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The Pray For Me Campaign in a new program we are participating in. The program is designed to connect the generations through prayer and through Christian fellowship

Each student in our congregation is partnered with a Prayer champion of a different generation (20's-30's, 40's-50's, and 60+). The Prayer champion then is praying for their student everyday by name daily throughout the entire school year. Through this time where they are being prayed for this give the opportunity to not only follow the prayer guide of what to pray for, but Champions can connect with students throughout the year and ask fro prayer request and check-ins on how school and life are going. Statistics prove that youth are more likely to continue involvement in the church into adulthood when there are 2 or more adults modeling Christian faith to them. This is our new initiative to connect students in the church to other adults to model that Christian faith and be in continued prayer for the students as they go through life.

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Our Pray for me campaign match-ups

Emma Katolick – Paul Sivaswamy & Sumitha Raya

Isaiah Dworsack – John Marler

James Dworsack – Kira Marler

Suneet Sivaswamy – Pam and Allen Durr

Sophie Gilkerson – Kim and Kathy Post

Veronica Glaser – Laurie Doolittle

Wesley Glaser – Jerome Kersten

Tatum Henderson – Nancy Richards

Aliyah Piquard – Norma Berhends

Lauren Herz – Linda Ruby

Dylan Andrus – Marty Berhends

Peter Kwon – Mark Doolittle

Hallleigh Kwon – Jeanne Setterlund

Hannah Kwon – Larry and Renae Barnstable

Selena Barton – John and Sheryl Zielke

Roberto Barton – Bob and Kay Price

Jorge Curiel – Vince Showers

Sophie Durr – Claude Gilkerson

Annaliese Croasdale – Melanie Greseth

Olivia Croasdale – Jonathan Hersey

Sundar Sivaswamy – Wayne and Diane Peterson

Jeffery Brown – Dee Kortermier

Dominic Schoebien – Will Tinker

Reese Hillig – Robert and JoAnn Hartman

BJ Durr – Gary Setterlund

Alexis Brigs – Amy Croasdale

Kylie Morefield – Gretchen Hofer

Jeremy Lacy – Trevor Rosengren

Jessica Tatapudi – Sherrill Morris

Ethan Tatapudi – Mark Schoenhals

Abby Schoenhals – Jan Stroup

Amani Miller – Pat Gilkerson

Anya Durr - Karla Johnson

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