UpComing Events

Special Missionary Speakers, Mike and Lynn Wilder (missionaries to Mormons)
Tuesday, April 24th (FREE Event- open to the public)
    7:00pm     Loving Mormons and Planting the Gospel of Grace with Q&A

Mike and Lynn will speak on the topic of Unveiling Mormonism, specifically on the theme of how to recognize false Christ's and false doctrines. Event is free to the public. Check out their website, www.unveilingmormonism.com

MEGA Mission Market
Friday, April 27 & Saturday, April 28

8am to 1pm at Living Waters

Youth Rummage Sale ~ to benefit youth summer mission trip

Annual Plant Sale ~ to benefit local mission food banks

Scrap Fabric by-the-Pound Sale & Handcrafted Items Sale
   ~ to benefit 2018 Guatemala mission team